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A Guide to Collecting Fenton Glass (Identification & Values)

I hope you are well and that you had a good weekend. Rarer, more elaborate pieces like lamps and pitcher and glass sets still command pretty good money. But you know what that means? Other glass-related collecting posts that you might be interested in: elegant glass , crackle glass , and amberina glass.

The “FENTON in an oval” mark was introduced on their Carnival glass in the year Fenton open compote / candy dish in “Fine Cut and Block” pattern, dating.

Harry Northwood is one of the most well-known figures in American pressed glass. There were two distinctive marks used by Harry Northwood on various pieces of glass. The first, the Northwood “script” signature Fig. You’ll see it most often on the underside of custard Ivory glass pieces in Nautilus Argonaut Shell , or Pagoda Chrysanthemum Sprig , as well as blue custard Turquoise Pagoda pieces and opalescent examples of Northwood’s “Town Pump.

The second and more familiar Northwood mark is an underlined capital N within a circle Fig. This mark originated in late at his Wheeling, West Virginia factory and was used on many different pressed pattern and novelty items through about Some writers suggest that Northwood also used a plain N, or an underlined N with no circle, or just a circle by itself. My research, however, indicates that the Northwood mark was always an underlined capital N within a circle.

Sometimes it takes a powerful magnifying glass to see all of the elements of the mark, but they are all there. Northwood tumblers, which have the underlined capital N within a circle, always have it on the inside of the bottom of the tumbler. If you see a pale custard Grape and Daisy tumbler with such a mark on the outside of the bottom, you have an LG Wright reproduction. Authentic Northwood opalescent or carnival glass bowls sometimes have the mark on the inside and sometimes on the outside, so this rule works only with tumblers.

Two modern marks are sometimes confused with Northwood’s underlined capital N within a circle. One of these marks, which appears on some LG Wright pieces, Fig.

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Warman’s Fenton Glass: Identification and Price Guide By Mark Moran Helps you accurately identify the pieces of this relatively easy to find, top draw collectible glass category. Only Fenton reference to include advice on spotting fakes and reproductions – a costly factor plaguing many areas of popular collectibles. Whether you’re a novice or an expert Fenton collector, you will discover a wealth of pricing and identification details at your fingertips in this new edition of Warman’s Fenton Glass.

Diversity is highlighted, showing over items in more than color photos.

Stan Fenton joined Eastern Electricity as a jointer’s mate in and recalls being told then he could well have secured himself a job for life.

Remember, the first of Fenton’s various rooster moulds were not put into production until long after Fenton began marking wares with logos embedded into the glass! Therefor, all first quality Fenton roosters should be marked with one of Fenton’s embedded logos. Fenton Roosters and other Fenton wares produced from moulds which did not originate with Fenton, such as their large standing rooster, formerly Paden City’s, their large and small rooster boxes which were made from moulds purchased at the going out of business sales of 2 former competitors, and the beautiful but problematic Chanticleer, formerly a Fosteria mould, are all marked with a Script F in an Oval, denoting these items did not originate with Fenton.

Yet, only the spelled out “Fenton” logos as shown above on the right, can be found on Fenton hen on nest moulds and the roosters made from moulds created by Fenton’s Designers. The new Fenton logo shown left is from a Chameleon Green Hen Egg Plate, XE and was put into use in , after Fenton restructured the Fenton company to include wares that were not only made in the USA, as they had been for years.

This new est embedded Fenton logo clearly shows that the items it was used on were made in the USA. Fenton Hen and Rooster collectors rejoice d over this! In Fenton next debuted their 5 inch Hen on Nest, ware This compact beauty was destined to become a long-term favorite. Fenton’s 5″ hen on nest featured a very detailed hen top, similar in style to other brands in that size range, but with visible differences in and under the tail area, and other places.

Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, WV (1905-2011)

Fenton glassware are collector’s items, which are valued not just for their craftsmanship but also for their historical significance. But in a market flooded with fakes and duplicates, picking out an original Fenton can be a daunting task. To help you with that, in this HobbyZeal article, we tell you how to identify fake Fenton glass besides knowing how to spot an original one. TIP The Fenton website has a list of the authorized dealers and stores, along with their addresses and contact details.

Though you might not find those rare ones, Fenton glassware bought from any one of these stores is guaranteed to be genuine. Would you like to write for us?

Learn to identify the various Fenton markings, stickers and logos. it is Fukagawa ware; and rising sun motifs which date pieces to the late.

With its luminous beauty and classic charm, milk glass is a great choice for antiques collectors. Identifying antique milk glass comes down to knowing a bit more about this beautiful type of glassware. Learn what to look for and how to determine the value of milk glass pieces you may find in antique shops and online. Most of the milk glass collectors encounter today was made during the Victorian era or later.

Country Living reports that opaque white glass came into fashion during the Victorian years because it offered an economical alternative to fine china and porcelain. Popularity decreased during the s as colored Depression glass and carnival glass came into fashion, but milk glass had a resurgence in the s and s. No matter when it was made, all milk glass has certain characteristics that you can use to identify antique glassware. Like milk, this type of glass is mostly opaque.

If you hold a piece of pink Depression glass up to the light, you can see right through it.

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Description Superb repousse work singles out this stunning silver dish. The sides of the dish are ornately decorated in a wonderful Edwardian style, featuring a wavy line rim. The base of the dish is slightly concave. Very clear hallmarks are visible on the inside base for The Sheffield Assay Office with a date mark for , along with the Lion Passant for sterling silver and maker’s marks for Fenton Brothers Limited.

to the from the Butler Bros dating back to the late s depict a hen on Fenton to mark items made by them for other companies to market.

New Zealand Glass 2nd Edition ratings: 1 avg rating 5. Pirelli Glass London Lampworkers Book 2. Bagley Glass 3rd Revised Edition reviews: 1 ratings: 1 avg rating 5. See what there is just now – click Glass Shoes. Glass Shoes: A short explanation Glass Shoes come in all shapes and sizes and colours. They make an excellent collectible item because they are small and easy to display, and often have date or registration marks which make them easy to identify.

Amongst the earliest were the glass slippers made by melting and flattening a bottle and then adding strips of glass decoration. These are said to have been made in Europe around the third century AD. In the 17th and 18th centuries, glasses shaped like boots were used for drinking. During that same period in England, boot-shaped bottles hand blown were also popular.

Antique, Rare & Collectable Fenton Glass

Fenton glass works are renowned for innovative glass colors as well as hand-painted decorations on pressed and blown glassware. The many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass. It is called “milk” glass since the most popular color was white. In , the company closed its glassmaking facility.

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With such a long and productive company history Fenton has made something to make every glass enthusiast a happy collector. There is such a wide variety of items, colors and styles it may be difficult to pick just one to collect. Beginning a collection may seem a little over whelming. My glass has a rough mark on the bottom, is it Fenton? A pontil mark is a mark on the bottom of an item where the punty rod was attached during the glass making process. Pontil marks can look like a rough broken chipped mark, a bumpy lump, or a polished concave dimple.

Fenton uses snap rings to hold their bases while working with glass rather than punty rods. My cruet has a pontil mark on the bottom, is it not Fenton? The mark on the bottom of cruets is not a pontil mark, it is a cut shut mark. Your cruet could still be Fenton. Most items are made right side up in the mould.

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Inspired by popular blown glass pieces made by Fenton’s Detail of a Northwood carnival glass mark on a Dandelion water set. another layer of complexity for collectors looking to ascertain a piece’s exact production date.

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Dating fenton marks. And Longton and the marks of James, Glass price guide

There are lots that match your search criteria. Subscribe now to get instant access to the full price guide service. There is a minor flat chip to the underside of one foot and a short hairline crack to one pierced neck, some minor and typical glaze crazing, otherwise in good order. An interesting T. Stone in New York.

Fenton glassware are collector’s items, which are valued not just for their Fenton glassware differing in shapes, styles, and markings were produced by the along with a comprehensive collection of Fenton catalogs dating all the way back.

Fenton and John W. The original factory was in an old glass factory in Martins Ferry, Ohio in The first year for glass production was Frank Fenton was the designer and decorator. From to , the designs made there were heavily influenced by two other glass companies: Tiffany and Steuben. But the many different colors were the work of Jacob Rosenthal, a famous glass chemist who is known for developing chocolate and golden agate glass.

At the same time, they continued creating new colors. Towards the end of the Great Depression they also produced perfume bottles for the Wrisley Company in The bottles were made in French opalescent glass with the hobnail pattern.

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