By Mr. I just picked this one up tonight at my shop. It s a “6”. I tried looking on line but the various knife boards seems to contradict each other and I really don’t know who knows what there. But I know you guys here know your stuff! So what say ye? There is actually a name inked on the scabbard I was going to try and search him out too and see if that might tell me anything. Thanks for your assitance! Thinking its a Model 3 -6 inch and most likely made in the mid to late 50s. Not sure if its on line but there is a book on these and some date them by the use of the colored spacers and arrangement.

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For a number of years, this was the online home for the Randall Knife Society. Content is from the site’s archived pages offering just a glimpse of what this site offered its members and visitors. The Society is for people who love Randall knives.

or provenance, so any attempts to date the knives within a certain Description: Randall Model 18 Survival Knife and Survival spear.

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Rhett asked me to write an article about dating Randall Made Knives. This was brought to fruition due to one of the topics discussed during the Randall Knife Society meeting at the Blade Show in Atlanta this year. Several members expressed their dismay at the egregious manner at which certain individuals have been basically dishonest in taking advantage of the less experienced collector.

This being the case of trying to have a knife appear older than it is, and outside of putting an older style stone another trick in the pocket of a newer knife, simply leave it out! I hope some of this information will be of use to you. The key here is that if you are unsure about the age of a knife you are bidding on, or are considering purchasing at a show, ask someone to give you a hand before you buy.

Dating old Randall blades by blade stamp – The Knife Network Forums: Knife Making Discussions.

Available Knives. This page is dedicated to non-commissioned knives for sale. These highly embellished Randalls include elements that are not available on commissioned knives which allows David the time and freedom that is not possible in commissioned engraving. To receive updates when a new knife is available, please send an email requesting to be added to our mailing list see contact page. Model Engraved by Kent Perdue in oak leaves and acorns with a deeply relieved background.

The butt cap features sculpted engraving and an overlay on the rear depicting an eagle with a slain snake. The engraved areas have a satin French grey finish with black background. The knife comes complete with its original black sheath, zipper storage case and a signed letter of authenticity. Signed and numbered – KP3. Vintage Model Carbon blade, gold plated brass guard, stag handle.

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In , Bo Randall decided to make a knife. Today, his company makes more than 8, knives each year, and there is a six-year waiting list for new customers. The rich history and prestige of Randall are belied by the simple sign on Orange Blossom Trail quietly announcing the manufacturer, and visitors will need to be sharp to spot it.

ve been looking at the stamps on the blades of old Randall knives, pre I think I?ve noticed something that will help date knives that were.

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Find all posts by Ta2bill. Here’s a configuration on a Smithsonian that you don’t see everyday. What do you think, ‘s. No sheath or stone.

The good news is that the next time I was in Orlando I dropped the knife off at the Randall Randall Knives can take whatever usage you can give them 1/4″ thick s date knives as much as anything, grind/polish lines as well ​but.

In the line dedicated to Model 1 APFK, I noted a certain knife was dated later than its accompanying sheath based on the stamp on the blade. I later posted the proof and research data elsewhere on line for personal reasons. Now I’d like to share it here because I’ve become confident enough that I find myself using the information. This “forge-date” does not indicate when the blades were finished into knives, sheathed and sold, only when they were hot stamped with the Randall Made, Orlando, FLA trademark.

Please examine these three groups of pictures of blade stamps. In this last picture below is one anomaly. It is a stamp on a blade that is earlier than the date of the sheath and other knife characteristics. Can you spot which one it is? This illustrates how this information could be both interesting and useful Summary: From earliest, the Randall stamp on the blade remained seemingly unchanged. Here is a summary picture of stamps that overlap the apparent change. Thing is, I see no evidence that once the new blade stamp was introduced the other continued to be used.

This means that there is a definite, absolute date down to specific day that marks when this new stamp began to be used. We just do not know when that was However, going through many of the books that have extensive published pictures of dated knives, I think I can sharpen the date the stamp change occurred.

SOLD – Randall Model # 1 – 5 1/2 “, seven spacers and MINT

A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket. It is also known as a jackknife jack-knife or a penknife , though a penknife may also be a specific kind of pocketknife. The earliest known pocketknives date to at least the early Iron Age. A pocketknife with a bone handle was found at the Hallstatt Culture type site in Austria, dating to around — BCE.

Many folding knives from the Viking era have been found.

This of course assumes the sheath is original to the knife. Serious collectors can detect small details and date them better than the average.

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The following is a thesis. However, I’ve become confident enough that I find myself using the information I thought I would share for discussion. I think I? This “forge-date” does not indicate when the blades were finished into knives, sheathed and sold, only when they were hot stamped with the Randall Made, Orlando, FLA trademark.

Please examine these three groups of pictures of blade stamps.

Randall Made Model 14 Attack Review